It is a walk or ride of 8km round trip from Caspalá to the archaeological ruins of Pueblo Viejo where you can see vestiges of a pre-Hispanic civilization. The experience may include the ruins of the Hornitos River. In that case, a further 2 km round trip would be added. So the duration can be from 6 to 8 hours. At noon a basket lunch is planned. During the journey you can see very interesting geological formations such as the government house, cave stone, the tower of the Condors, natural waterfalls, and also Queñuas (native trees that reach higher altitudes). In the archaeological site you can see rectangular constructions, grinding stones, animal traps made of stone, and ceramic remains among others. Later on, you will also be able to see an old oratory, underground stone houses and mud walls. If you continue to the site of the Hornitos River, you will be able to see housing constructions made with stones, stubble and other ancient constructions. Finally, we visit the Cueva del Telar, where in past times they made picote fabrics, blankets, poncho, skirts, overflowing, scarves, mountain passes, coolies, gloves, sweaters among other garments.

About the circuit:

Duration: 6 hours (round trip)

Kilometers: 8 km.

Modality: Trekking.

Difficulty: medium.

Season: all year.


Bring sunscreen, a hat, comfortable clothing for walking, trekking shoes, poles, binoculars, a camera, among other items.


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This service must be booked in advance. They can do this by communicating by whatsapp with the hosts of the community.

Payment Methods:

In the community there is no good internet signal, nor ATMs. The only form of payment enabled for the moment will be in cash a few minutes before taking the service.

Included services:

  • Baqueano Guide.
  • First aid kit.


Our Address:

Caspalá, Valle Grande, Jujuy.