Short walk in which you can get to know the “Churqui Abuelo” emblematic tree of the community, under its shade visitors will be able to enjoy the history of the community, its different places, the reason for its name, its development along history and its vast archaeological heritage. The visit continues along a small path to the “Abuela Cardón” and later the viewpoint where you can see the limits of Hornaditas and its neighboring communities.

About the Circuit:

This circuit is a letter of introduction and an invitation for visitors to be tempted to discover the different corners and heritage of this rich community.

Duration: 30 minutes approx.


in the vicinity of the chapel and the community room, which serve as the starting point of the circuit.


It is accessed by national route 9, it is located 13 km north of the town of Humahuaca. For the guide you must make a prior reservation or consult the community for the local hosts, the only ones authorized to guide on the site.

Minimum altitude: 3250 m.s.n.m

Maximum altitude: 3300 m.s.n.m


Our Address:

Hornaditas, Humahuaca, Jujuy.