Circuit of low difficulty in which you can appreciate the scope of the community guarded by the cross of the small viewpoint while sharing the stories of pilgrimages and the way of the cross of the devout members of their community. Later, specimens of flora and fauna characteristic of their territories, uses and customs of the inhabitants will be known. Upon reaching the silos or “colcas”, after making offerings and requesting permission from the Pachamama, they will be able to appreciate and learn about the Inca period and the food storage site produced in the neighboring communities of Rodero and Coctaca linked by a road. that communicated with the northern regions of the Tawantinsuyo.

About the Circuit:

Duration: 2:30 hours approx.

Distance: 2.95 km


In the vicinity of the chapel and the community room, which serve as the starting point of the circuit.


It is accessed by national route 9, it is located 13 km north of the town of Humahuaca. For the guide you must make a prior reservation or consult the community for the local hosts, the only ones authorized to guide on the site.

Minimum altitude: 3260 masl

Maximum altitude: 3310 masl


Our Address:

Hornaditas, Humahuaca, Jujuy.