It is a beautiful excursion to the Laguna de Leandro, a beautiful body of water at about 4200 meters of altitude in the middle of a landscape of mountains with grasslands. During the journey that can be done on horseback or trekking, you pass through grazing landscapes and as you ascend you can enjoy a magnificent landscape of the Rodero valley and beyond the Quebrada de Humahuaca.

The journey begins in Siquiza in the middle of giant grasslands and the path winds over the hills covered with shrubs and grasslands at an altitude of more than 3,500 meters. You pass through old grazing posts, stone houses where people lived while grazing cattle. When exceeding 4000 meters of altitude the vegetation becomes more flattened and yaretas appear, typical tall woody plants.

Upon reaching 4200 meters, the point of maximum altitude in the viewpoint, you can see the lagoon in its maximum splendor. If you pay attention, you can see waterfowl, some of which nest on floating islands. When you go down to the lagoon you will be able to know the reason for its name and the mysterious legends on the subject. On the shores of this beautiful lagoon a lunch is shared with traditional foods of the region. On the way back, the majestic Rodero valley is enjoyed throughout the descent.

About the circuit:

Duration: 2 hours by vehicle / 7 hours by horseback

Distance: 24.66 km approx.

Location: It starts from the place of Juiri, community of Rodero, 18 km from the town of Humahuaca, 25 km from the Laguna de Leandro.

Access: RN 9 to Humahuaca, Provincial Route 73 to the community of Rodero.

Minimum altitude: 3400 masl

Maximum altitude: 4200 masl


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