About me

I am María Argamonte, I was born in the original community of Valiazo, and I grew up in Pucara with my grandparents. They bequeathed me the knowledge of two wonderful tasks that today are the basis of my family finances. My grandmother was dedicated to cattle raising, she raised sheep and goats: she sheared her sheep, spun wool and wove socks, pullovers and vests; with the milk of the goats he made delicious cheeses. My grandfather was engaged in agriculture, he grew potatoes, corn, and peas. He was also a potter and a potter, he made pots, virques, and clay and stone plates. He was a very skillful person, he wove sheep and llama ponchos, blankets and picotes on his loom. I am dedicated to agriculture and goat farming. I decided to venture into tourism because I saw in this activity an alternative source of income and an opportunity to share the valuable knowledge that my grandparents left me.

About my experience

Agriculture is an activity that I carry out from a very young age, it is an activity that requires a lot of work and dedication, but it also provides multiple satisfactions beyond the economic ones. For a long time, I have wanted to share my experience and traditions in this relationship with Mother Earth with those who also wish to connect through the tasks that lead us to achieve its exquisite fruits. I look forward to telling you and making you experience from how the land is prepared for the sowing of corn, potatoes and beans, to the last harvest, thanks to La Pacha, and other traditions of my town, such as the minga.

Agricultural Calendar and Available Activities:

From May to July The earth rests – –
September – November Sowing 3 Hs. Average
November – December Branches 3 Hs. Medium
December Weeding 3 Hours Medium
December Aporcation 3 Hs. Medium
December – January Cure 3 Hs. Medium
January – April Harvest 3 Hours Medium


My stubble is located 13 km east of Humahuaca. It is reached by route N ° 73 until a signposted access, located to the left of this route, with the name of my undertaking: La Pucareñita.

What will we do:

I will receive you very early in my house with a hot tea or a traditional refreshing drink, while I explain the tasks and the meaning of the tasks that we will carry out during the day. After equipping ourselves with the appropriate clothing and tools, we will walk through the stubble and begin the work. We will take a break in the middle of the morning to refresh ourselves and we will continue the work day until lunchtime.

About the Circuit:

Duration: 3 hours

It includes:

Courtesy drink (hot tea with local herbs or fruit water).
Work tools.


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You can make your reservations only via whatsapp, until the day before at 7:00 p.m. Contact phone: +549 388 4623362 María Argamonte.

Hours of operation: Reservations are made in advance by whatsapp and activities are carried out at the established hours.

Difficulty level: Medium. These activities can be carried out by all those people who wish to have a connection with the earth and get involved in the tasks that are carried out to achieve their fruits. People of all ages can carry out the experience, children from 5 years old and adults up to 60 years old. They do not need to have any special knowledge. Yes, good physical condition since most activities involve certain demands.

Number of people per group: from 1 to 6 people per group.

Suggestions And Recommendations

It is recommended that you make and confirm your reservation in advance.

Wear comfortable and cool clothes, but always wear a coat. The time of year in which the activities are carried out is the one with the most pleasant climate. However, the daily temperature range is very remarkable. The temperature in the morning is usually around 5 ° C approximately, rising towards noon to 28 ° C and refreshing again at sunset.

Don’t forget to bring sunscreen SPF 50+ and a hat or cap.

This activity is available from August to April, the time when agricultural tasks are carried out. The rest of the year the land rests because weather conditions do not favor activity and because water is scarce.

The rains usually happen, from December to March, although it is not frequent that it rains during the day, it is probable that some days the activities are subject to the rains.

In the area there is no good cell phone or internet signal, for this reason it is impossible to charge with a credit card, debit card or other electronic means of payment. The closest ATM is located in the city of Humahuaca.

The closest service station is located in the city of Humahuaca.

Valiazo is an original community located about 15 km east of the city of Humahuaca, very close to Pucara, it is reached through Provincial Route No. 73. The road is dirt all the way, with few curves and slope, quite traveled by vehicles that go to the Mirador de las Serranías de Hornocal. The maximum height of the entire journey is 3,456 meters above sea level.


Our Address:

Pucará, Humahuaca, Jujuy.