Where to sleep?

Family Accommodation LOS BUEYES
Contact: Jasmine Solís +549 3886003558.

Entering Palca de Aparzo from the main street, you will find the LOS BUEYES family accommodation. Jazmín and her family will receive you and provide a restful rest in one of the comfortable rooms that they have set up to host visitors who come to Palca.

They have double rooms with twin or double beds, shared bathroom with the host family, hot shower and breakfast included.

They can also accompany you to tour the community’s authorized tourist circuit: BY THE RIVER TOWARDS EL MOLINO, or contact you with hosts from this or neighboring communities, so that you can learn about the wonderful attractions that El Zenta has.

Family Accommodation LA PAISANA
Contact Zamuel Ignacio +549 3885801255

The entrepreneur Zamuel has arranged to host those who visit Palca, a charming little cabin located on a terraced land on the outskirts of the town. It consists of a double, twin or matrimonial room, with private bathroom, shower and hot water 24 hours a day. Includes breakfast.

In LA PAISANA you will enjoy the tranquility and silence of the countryside in its maximum splendor.

Zamuel is also a qualified host of the Palca community, so he can accompany them to tour their circuit: BY THE RIVER TOWARDS EL MOLINO, or contact them with hosts from Cianzo, a community very close to Puerta de Zenta, the place where the little cabin is located.

Where to eat?

The Palca de Aparzo community does not have authorized dining rooms. You can find this service, about 8 km away, in the neighboring community of Aparzo.

Service Providers:

Marta Copa, tourist host +549 388 4218286


Our Address:

Palca de Aparzo, Humahuaca, Jujuy.