Where to sleep?

Family Accommodation: PATRIA GRANDE
Contact: Liberato Méndez +549 388 4479403

PATRIA GRANDE family accommodation is located at the entrance of the Cianzo community, on a terraced area from which you can contemplate the Cianzo river valley and the northern fringes of the majestic 14-colored Serranía. It is cared for by its owner, Liberato Mendes and his family.

Don Liberato, offers the possibility of enjoying peaceful nights within the community, in a comfortable double or twin room, with a bathroom shared with the family and hot water 24 hours a day; a nutritious breakfast that includes infusions with aromatic herbs and ingredients from the region and entertaining talks under his barbecue, in which his stories about leaders and battles of the independence era stand out.

Family Accommodation: PORTAL DEL ZENTA
Contact: Adriana Hurtado +549 388 5067062

PORTAL DEL ZENTA, is located on the local road that crosses the community of Cianzo. It is an ideal place for those who like to meet people and share with other travelers.

Adriana and Orlando offer the visitor the possibility of staying in a shared quadruple room, furnished with bunk beds, bathrooms with showers and hot water 24 hours a day. Its breakfast stands out, which can be served in front of one of the best views of Cianzo.

Adriana is also the host of the community, or you can contact the hosts who will take you to see the Pucará de Puerta’i Zenta and the Alero del Chorro, two sites of beautiful scenery and great historical and archaeological importance.

Where to eat?

The Cianzo community still does not have authorized dining rooms. You can find this service, a few kilometers away in the community of Aparzo.

Service Providers:

René Hurtado Tourist Host +549 388 5725481


Our Address:

Cianzo, Humahuaca, Jujuy.