Where to sleep?

The community of Aparzo does not have authorized accommodation. You will find this service 5 kilometers away, in the community of Palca de Aparzo.

Where to eat?

El Ancañoca Family Dining Room

Contacts: Marcela Cuevas + 549-3884298574 and Cristian Vargas + 549-3887470210

Comedor EL ANCAÑOCA is a family dining room, run by Marcela and Cristian, a couple of young and cordial residents. It is located on a street perpendicular to Provincial Route No. 73, next to the community hall, in front of two stubble fields that in the summer are populated with peas, beans and Andean potatoes.

It has a capacity of 18 covers and offers a varied menu that balances traditional dishes such as majada soup and stews with more common options such as milanesa de llama with sautéed Andean potatoes.


Our Address:

Aparzo, Humahuaca, Jujuy.