The Aboriginal Community of Hornaditas is located about 13 km north of the town of Humahuaca, the cordiality of the rural people is appreciated by sharing their daily agro-pastoral productive activities, elaboration of derived products such as goat cheese, homemade bread, typical foods, medicinal creams, recycling, etc.
The community is surrounded by sites of great archaeological value, both pre-Inca and Inca, which can be accessed accompanied by the experience and ancestral knowledge of their local hosts. They offer an alternative to share productive agro-pastoral activities in a unique and exceptional experience.
In the community they will be able to find accommodation in family houses; circuits discovering the traces of the ancestors (petroglyphs, cave paintings) daily activities (making goat cheese, homemade bread, preparing typical meals, cultivation system, preparation of creams with medicinal plants and ecological construction), and a tasty local gastronomy.

Essential Information:

The climate of the region in general is pleasant, in winter the minimum temperatures usually reach 6 ° C, on very cold days, between 6:00 and 9:00 in the morning, but at noon, almost every day they are around 15 ° C. In the summer the minimums are around 12 ° C and the maximum 30 ° C. The rains occur only in summer, generally from December to March, and can be anticipated or extended by a few years.
It can be visited throughout the year. In the summer rainy season, from December to March, you must first check the state of the roads and available activities.
Service station, police station, rubber shop and other services are available in the town of Humahuaca.
Cell phone service is limited, so it is recommended to inform your last place of lodging where they are going and for how long.
It is important to bring water, sunscreen and a hat or cap for outdoor activities, as well as sufficient shelter at any time of the year due to the marked temperature range of the region.

How to get?

It is accessed by National Route 9, it is located 13 km north of the town of Humahuaca.


Humahuaca – Hornaditas: 14.9 km by RN9

Telephone Numbers of Interest:

  • Municipal emergencies (Civil Defense) 103
  • Humahuaca Hospital (03887) 421009
  • SAME Operating Base Humahuaca (03887) 421159
  • Medical emergencies (SAME) 107
  • Humahuaca Police (03887) 421017
  • Police Emergencies 911
  • Fire and Rescue (Firefighters) 100
  • Public Transportation: Jama Transportation, Pan American Transportation
What to do in Hornaditas


Our Address:

Hornaditas, Humahuaca, Jujuy.

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