Country life and crafts are our strength, our FLOR DE ALTEA group is made up of several artisans, among them: Petrona Luere, Elsa Calapeña, María Mamani, Micaela Canavide, Dalinda Zapana, Florinda Lurere, Maria Choque, Teofila Flores, Norma Nieva, Fabiola Calisaya, Silveria Choque, Geronima Figueroa, Sarai Figueroa.

When we go out to the fields to work or to walk through the town we look at the flowers, especially during the summer, where the hills are filled with wild flowers and in the squares and gardens they bloom with their beautiful colors. Upon returning to our homes, we capture them between sheets of paper and then copy them into a notebook. Thus arises a design process of great delicacy. That drawing is then passed through fabric and the magic of embroidery begins. Each piece is unique, the designs are kept secret until the town’s patronal feast, where we show them off to the entire community.

The artisan experience consists of providing a tourist experience together with our group of artisans, where the techniques of embroidery and dyeing with natural dyes will be shown, the people who visit us will be able to have a small embroidery workshop, revaluing the old techniques that were transmitted to us. from generation to generation. Currently embroideries of shawls, leggings, gloves, ponchos are made.

They will be able to know everything about spinning, weaving, embroidery and dyeing, experience the culture and learn how they make their beautiful and colorful shawls.


Our Address:

Santa Ana, Valle Grande, Jujuy.