It allows to appreciate from the viewpoint of the Cross the limits of the community and its wonderful landscape covered with cardones and churquis. Continuing the path, they will learn about the stories and traditions of the donkey rodeo, their uses over time and their current situation. A great variety of cardones and herbs will be displayed along the way and the hosts will explain the ancestral uses, both medicinal and ornamental and utilitarian. The passage through the community cemetery will give the opportunity to rest under the shadow of a churqui listening to the rich traditions around the day of the souls. It will be at the archaeological site called “El Pintao” in which the petroglyphs and local hosts will narrate the historical development of the region from the pre-Inca period until the arrival of the colonizers.

Then you can return the same way or take a longer return and lunch with a family from the community, an option that would require availability for the full day.

Duration: 5 hours. approx. (Short version)

Distance: 8.39 mi


In the vicinity of the chapel and the community room, which serve as the starting point of the circuit.


It is accessed by national route 9, it is located 13 km north of the town of Humahuaca. For the guide you must make a prior reservation or consult the community for the local hosts, the only ones authorized to guide on the site.

Minimum altitude: 3200 masl

Maximum altitude: 3400 masl


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Hornaditas, Humahuaca, Jujuy.