This excursion is carried out in order to know stone traps that were used in ancient times to hunt the foxes that attacked livestock and domestic animals. It can be done as a walk or horseback ride of about 4 km round trip. It begins in Santa Ana and takes the RP73 to Piedra Grande. On the way you can see a beautiful landscape, wild animals and medicinal plants. The first fox trap is located 500 m from Piedra Grande. These incredible stone constructions and located in strategic points, were used in the past, with surprising techniques, precisely to hunt the foxes that decimated the livestock of the place. Another 500 m of walk is another trap and also remains of houses built with stones, vestiges full of history and symbolism. After knowing these unique attractions full of culture and mysteries, you return by a descending path, framed by beautiful landscapes, to the town of Santa Ana.

About the Circuit:

Duration: 4 hours.

Kilometers: 6 km (round trip)

Season: all year

Modality: Trekking.


Perform after noon, wear comfortable clothing, trekking shoes, binocular, camera, sunscreen, hat, water and fruits.

Included services:

Baqueano Guide


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This service must be booked in advance. They can do so by communicating by whatsapp with the artisans or hosts of the community.

Payment Methods:

In the community there is no good internet signal, nor ATMs. The only form of payment enabled for the moment will be in cash a few minutes before taking the service.


Our Address:

Santa Ana, Valle Grande, Jujuy.