It is the northernmost community in a highly integrated region known as El Zenta. Its topography and landscape are characteristic of the puna environment. The cattle ranch predominates that graze most of the year in the valleys of Salta and are brought in during the summer season; there are also llamas, sheep and goats that graze in the surroundings. As for agriculture, the climate allows the cultivation of potatoes and beans, in stubble fenced with stone walls that protect them from the cold. Perhaps it was the remoteness and dynamics of this community that attracted the filmmaker Miguel Ángel Pereira, to carry out the filming of his famous work “The internal debt” there. Chorcán is located 54 km from the city of Humahuaca, at 4,000 meters above sea level. It is an obligatory place of passage towards the legendary Laguna de Leandro.

Essential Information:

The climate of the region in general is pleasant, in winter the minimum temperatures usually reach 6 ° C, on very cold days, between 6:00 and 9:00 in the morning, but at noon, almost every day they are around 15 ° C. In the summer the minimums are around 12 ° C and the maximums around 30 ° C. The rains occur only in summer, generally from December to March, and can be anticipated or extended by a few years.
It can be visited throughout the year. In the summer rainy season, from December to March, you must first check the state of the roads and available activities.
Service station, police station, rubber shop and other services are available in the town of Humahuaca.
Cell phone service is limited, so it is recommended to inform your last place of lodging where they are going and for how long.
It is important to bring water, sunscreen and a hat or cap for outdoor activities, as well as sufficient shelter at any time of the year due to the marked temperature range of the region.

How to get?

From Humahuaca it is accessed through Provincial Route 73 to Aparzo and from there take route N73 B that reaches Laguna de Leandro. The road is dirt all the way, with a very steep, winding and busy ascent, until the access to the Mirador de las Serranías de Hornocal. The maximum height of the entire journey is 4,350 meters above sea level. in the Abra de Cianzo.


Humahuaca – Chorcán 54 km
Humahuaca – Aparzo 46 km
Aparzo – Chorcán: 8 km.
Maximum height throughout the journey: 4,350 m.a.s.l.

Telephone Numbers of Interest:

  • Municipal emergencies (Civil Defense) 103
  • Humahuaca Hospital (0388) 7421009
  • SAME Humahuaca Operating Base (0388) 7421159
  • Medical emergencies (SAME) 107
  • Humahuaca Police (0388) 7421017
  • Police Emergencies 911
  • Fire and Rescue (Firefighters) 100
  • Zenta Public Transport: Agrocianzo (0388) 4408532
What to do in Chorcán



Our Address:

Chorcán, Humahuaca, Jujuy.

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