Located in the department of Valle Grande, it is at an altitude of 3,100 meters above sea level. The relief is mountainous. It is 240 km. approximately from San Salvador de Jujuy. Village of charm, ancient customs and colorful shawls. This agro-livestock community opens its doors to us to share all the magic of its people and its almost extinct traditions in our province. Beautiful and adorned with colored ribbons and embroidered shawls, Caspalá awaits us to share unforgettable days with the warmth of its people.
Among its main attractions are: The Santa Rosa de Lima Church, a chapel built in the 1840s by Don Tomás Coronel, its bronze bells were brought from Peru as well as the image of the patron saint of the town, every August 30 Caspalá celebrates its patronal feast.
If you visit Caspalá, these are compulsory circuits: the Antigüito, with its ancient buildings of mud and stones, and the Old Town, both archaeological sites of great value. From this magical town you can make a journey visiting the imposing Inca Trail and Serranía de Hornocal.

Essential Information:

Typical puna climate, warm by day and cold at night, with a harsh winter and rainfall during the summer.
The best time to travel is from April to December, due to the fact that from January to March in many opportunities the rainfall hinders the way.
The closest service station is located in the city of Humahuaca. Make sure you are well supplied with fuel before starting the trip and that you have a spare wheel in optimal conditions of use, as there are no tires.
The enterprises do not have a cell phone signal or internet, for this reason it is impossible to charge with a credit card, debit card or other electronic means of payment. The closest ATM is located in the city of Humahuaca. Take this situation into account before leaving Humahuaca.
In the village you can access wifi in the main square.
During the journey you will ascend more than 4000 m.a.s.l. take the necessary health precautions, try to eat lightly and do not consume alcoholic beverages before or during the trip. Coca and pupusa infusion help mitigate the effects of pointing.
Due to the height and the clearness of the atmosphere, the sun’s rays arrive with great force and are even harmful, always use sunscreen SPF 50+ and a hat or cap.
In the community there is a first aid room, however, it only provides care from Monday to Friday. On weekends, the nearest medical provider will find it at the Humahuaca Hospital.
It is not advisable to travel at night, especially when the rainy season begins, because along the road there are streams that grow and crack the road and in other areas it becomes slippery.

¿Cómo llegar?

Caspalá es una localidad del departamento Valle Grande. Se encuentra a 10 kilómetros al oeste de Santa Ana, en un pequeño valle rodeado por cerros de 4 mil metros de altura.
Desde San Salvador de Jujuy por Ruta Nacional N°9 (asfaltada) hasta la ciudad de Humahuaca, de allí se debe tomar el empalme de ruta provincial N°73. Se accede al pueblito, luego de recorrer 6 horas y media de camino sinuoso, pero de hermosos paisajes geológicos observando del perímetro de la reserva de biosfera de las Yungas.
Transporte desde Humahuaca: Existen Combis que salen desde la terminal de Humahuaca. (Consultar horarios de salida en terminal de Humahuaca).


Humahuaca – Caspalá: 115,1 km por RP73
Libertador Gral. San Martín – Caspalá: 148,4 km por RP83

Teléfonos de Interés:

  • Emergencias municipales (Defensa Civil) 103
  • Hospital de Humahuaca (0388) 7421009
  • SAME Base operativa Humahuaca (0388) 7421159
  • Urgencias médicas (SAME) 107
  • Policía Humahuaca (0388) 7421017
  • Transporte Armagedón: Ezequiel Farfán (0388) 4144193
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Caspalá, Valle Grande, Jujuy.

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