Hike from Caspalá to the summit of the Sierra del Hornocal of 24 km round trip and two days of duration. You leave by the old bridle path that leads to Humahuaca, then you pass through beautiful landscapes on the banks of the La Ciénaga river. Halfway through the La Loza site, you begin to appreciate the cobbled stairs of the Inca Trail and attractive queñuas groves. The night is spent in the natural cave of La Loza. The second day the Inca trail is resumed and you can enjoy waterfalls, water sources, and capricious forms on the rocks. The walk ascends through a spectacular landscape with swamps, springs eyes, hot springs, and groves of dwarf queñuas. From the head of the Ciénaga, you go up the Stairs of Heaven, to arrive at Abra Colorada. From here you ascend to the summit of the Hornocal mountain range, one of the most beautiful attractions in Jujuy. The return to Caspalá is done on the same day.

About the circuit:

Difficulty: medium and high.

Season: April to November.

Duration: 2 days and 1 night.

Kilometers: 24 km (round trip)

Recommendations: bring a comfortable glass for walking, spare clothes, trekking shoes, hat, coca leaves, sunscreen, walking sticks, fruits, a small bottle of water for the ascent to the summit, sleeping bag, tent, among other necessary items.


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This service must be booked in advance. They can do this by communicating by whatsapp with the hosts of the community.

Payment Methods:

In the community there is no good internet signal, nor ATMs. The only form of payment enabled for the moment will be in cash a few minutes before taking the service.

Included services:

  • Baqueano Guide
  • Conditioned shelters
  • Refreshment
  • Coca tea with pupusa among others.
  • First aid kit.
  • Postal address


Our Address:

Caspalá, Valle Grande, Jujuy.