About me

I am Armando Liques, a member of the Hornocal-Pueblo Omaguaca Native Community. I was born in Calete and grew up in a little house located in the ravine at the foot of the hill of 14 colors. My father and mother dedicated their whole lives to agriculture, they planted peas, beans, potatoes, they were among the first to plant carrots, my brothers and I helped them. When classes started, we would go down to Calete through a narrow and colorful ravine known as “El Angosto”. To attend high school, I had to move to Humahuaca, being able to return to my Hornocal only on vacation. I felt very sad every time I had to leave.

I lived 20 years in Buenos Aires, there I learned the baker’s trade. When the original community of Hornocal began the procedures for its legal status, I met Dr. Eulogio Frites, father of indigenous law, I was the manager of the community in the city of fury.

In 2005, I decided to return to my land, just arrived I dedicated myself to agriculture like my parents. He planted and sold peas, beans and potatoes, only to exchange for sugar, rice or flour. In 2011, I received some friends in my little house in Hornocal, they gave me the idea to start working in tourism. In 2014, we refurbished and opened the Serranía de Hornocal Viewpoint. For ten years, I have been fighting for tourism to be another economic alternative for the families of the community. It is my great wealth to know, talk, share and make friends with those who come to visit us.

About My Experience

We invite you to a rural experience in the farm of Doña Guadalupe, the heart of Hornocal. You will be able to visit us, connect with the traditions of our community, taste its exquisite cuisine and experience the activities that we carry out daily at the foot of the hill of 14 colors.


Finca Doña Guadalupe, is located at the foot of the Serranía de Hornocal, 65 km from the city of Humahuaca. It is reached through Provincial Route No. 73 to Puerta de Zenta and then by a local road that crosses the community of Cianzo and the homonymous river, to the SUM of the community of Hornocal. From there you have to walk about 3 km. through a ravine that opens at the foot of the Hornocal mountain range, hence the name of the experience: the heart of Hornocal.

What will we do:

We will wait for you in the SUM (multipurpose room) of the community, where you can park your vehicle. If you don’t feel safe enough to get there, we can wait for you at the Abra de Cianzo apacheta and escort you to SUM. From there we will start a 3 km walk. approx. towards Doña Guadalupe farm. We will stop to hydrate under the willows of Abuelo Mariano, from where it is possible to contemplate the Abra de Chisca and the bridle path through which the Hornocaleños used to go out to sell their products on the back of a donkey; and under the rock of “Chaqueri”; overlooking the Cerro “Casa’i Viento”.

Arrived at the Finca de Doña Guadalupe, we will refresh ourselves with a traditional drink, we will go through the stubble or we will integrate ourselves to the tasks of preparing the food. After sharing a lunch in the open air under the willows and a prudent time of rest, we will take a light walk towards the limits of the farm, where you will be able to obtain one of the best views of the hill of 14 colors and know the origin of the name of the community and the mountains.

Around 4:00 p.m. we will begin the return, so that our visitors can arrive at the time when the Serranía de Hornocal is seen more sublime, from the Mirador.


6 hours. From 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

It includes:

  • Host the community throughout the experience.
  • Mineral water.
  • Refreshing traditional drink.
  • Lunch in the open air at Finca Doña Guadalupe.
  • Activities within the farm.
  • Guided tour of the farm.


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To request more information or to reserve, you can contact us through the following means:

Whatsapp: +549 388 4038314 Armando / +549 388 5170116 Pamela

E-mail: liquesarmando@gmail.com

Facebook: https: //www.facebook.com/comunidad.hornocal

Attention Hours: Reservations are made in advance by the indicated means and activities are carried out at the established hours.

About the Circuit:

Difficulty level: Low. All those who wish to connect with the life of the Hornocal community at the foot of this giant of 14 colors can participate in this experience. People of all ages, children from 5 years old and adults up to 60 years old. They do not need to have any special knowledge. Yes, bear in mind that during it there are two walks: the first from the SUM of the community to the farm of approximately 3 kilometers and the second through the limits of the farm and from there to the SUM (3 kilometers approximately) .

Number of people per group: from 2 to 8 people.

Suggestions and recommendations:

Wear comfortable clothes and always wear a coat. Although the schedule in which we will carry out the activities is the one with the most pleasant weather in the day (between 20 ° and 28 ° C in spring-summer and between 15 ° and 20 ° in autumn-winter), sometimes a cool wind blows It is also quite cool in the late afternoon.

The activity can be carried out from March to December, as long as the rains do not occur before or persist, because when they begin, the local road that reaches the community becomes impassable.


Our Address:

Hornocal, Humahuaca, Jujuy.