Where to sleep?

Tourist Accommodation EL MIRADOR:

Contact Luis Ontiveros: 3886448276

The Hospedaje La Quebrada del Mirador is located on a small hillside, located at the main entrance to the town of Valle Colorado from where a pleasant view of the valley is appreciated.

La Quebrada Del Mirador, Belongs to Luis Ontiveros, this entrepreneur offers rest services, the accommodation has two rooms on a triple basis, with breakfast included, the bathroom is shared with hot water 24 hours a day, they will also have a small open kitchen for their guests. guests with the necessary utensils to enjoy a herbal tea or mate.

Your host makes the visit unforgettable thanks to his hospitality and personalized attention, Luis enjoys receiving tourists a lot and will make sure that the visitor does not leave without trying the typical dishes offered in the dining rooms there.

On the other hand, Luis also works with bovine leather and makes wallets, to offer and that tourists have a complete experience in their visit about everything that is produced there.

Tourist Accommodation EL PARAISO:

The accommodation offered by Martina Calapeña and Gregorio Flores in Valle Colorado is their private house where the visitor lives with Martina, Gregorio in a traditional adobe house in the Colorado Valley. This is the Hospedaje El Paraíso, where two rooms, one quadruple and the other quintuple, are for the exclusive use of the guests who stay there, sharing a bathroom and common spaces with the owners of the house.

Martina is an excellent hostess who offers a country breakfast with local herbal tea and must-have fried omelettes.

Where to eat?

PEACH Blossom dining room:

Contact Elda Luere: 3884656505

This dining room is attended by its owner, the artisan Elda Luere, there you can taste the typical dishes of the area, the specialty being the green potato stew, in addition to offering a variety of dishes for customers, diabetics, celiacs and vegetarians, who They will have delicious options to eat vegetables from the owner’s organic garden.

The service offered is in conjunction with the entrepreneur Luis Ontiveros who offers accommodation, he is the one who gives notice to the entrepreneur of tourists who wish to have lunch or dinner and she is always ready to prepare a delicious meal, therefore the modality that has been used Until now it is the food on request, that is to say with prior notice.

EL REGIONAL dining room:

Contact Hilda Cruz: 3886524778

This dining room belongs to the enterprising Hilda Cruz, who welcomes her customers with great enthusiasm, Hilda offers a variety of regional dishes and minutes, meals on request and there is also a small store inside the dining room.

Tourist Hosts:
El Caminante del Valle, Concepcion Flores: 3884085547

Concepción is one of the tourist hosts of the town of Valle Colorado, this Baqueano guide has been trained to strengthen tour guide techniques by providing a quality and, above all, safe service, an excellent host who proudly shows the beauties of his town.

Horseback Riding La Mariposa: Eustaquia Quipildor, Tel 3884331144

Eustaquia Quipildor is an artisan in the area, also trained in tourist guides, offers this beautiful experience of knowing the town and its surroundings with her horses, the walks are accompanied by her who at the end offers a delicious snack with fried tortillas and a tea of herbs, in addition to that, she uses the rebozos so that her visitors feel part of the Valle Colorado community.

The tours offered by Eustaquia are in the surroundings of the city 2 times a week, for this a prior notice of at least one day is requested.

On weekends there are longer walks through the Qhapaq Nañ, until reaching Santa Ana and spending the night there.


Our Address:

Valle Colorado, Valle Grande, Jujuy.